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PICS: Rally the enthusiasts

The new best thing to hit the Mother City’s motorsport scene really pushes the fun factor, and it’s super affordable, writes Bobby Nitro.

16 November 2018 | Bobby Nitro

PICS: Mother of all shows

The 2018 Killarney Motor Show at Killarney was also crowded with visitors, as Bobby Nitro said his howzits to the speedsters, the collectors and modkoppe.

9 November 2018 | Bobby Nitro

New in the hood

Get an eyeful of new rides, loads of fun at Killarney Motor Show on Sunday, writes Bobby Nitro.

2 November 2018 | Bobby Nitro

Stay conscious en route home

As you turn into the home stretch, you start to relax the focus, perhaps even speed up a little as you know every bump in the road, writes Bobby Nitro.

26 October 2018 | Bobby Nitro

Taking City for a spin

The Auto Show 2018, presented by SPIN turned the Athlone Stadium parking lot into a riot of smoke and obliterated tyres, writes Bobby Nitro.

19 October 2018 | Bobby Nitro

Kids do follow your example

When your toddler gets into the car, and you’ve made a habit of buckling her into the car seat, then it becomes the natural thing to do, writes Bobby Nitro.

5 October 2018 | Bobby Nitro