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Time to ruk!

Hello 2019! Here we are, well into the new year after a lekker festive. Is it over yet? Not quite, because the minstrel carnival season has just begun.

4 January 2019 | Entertainment

Kaapse actor is held up

Clint Brink and his wife Steffi van Wyk-Brink have described their trauma after being held up at gunpoint during a robbery in Midrand on January 2nd.

4 January 2019 | Entertainment

Jol of the year

If you've have had a tough 2018, forget all your worries tonight as we say goodbye to the year that was and see in the New Year.

31 December 2018 | Entertainment

It's jol time

Hello party people, welcome to the last weekend of 2018! Whatever you’ve got planned for this weekend, please be safe and we hope it's one for the books.

28 December 2018 | Entertainment