EVIDENCE: Mandrax and dagga cconfiscated.CREDIT; Supplied

This week cops from the combat team at Manenberg Police Station escaped injury when their cop car was pelted with stones, shattering the windows, after they arrested an 18-year-old man.

The teenager was found in possession of two Mandrax tablets and two dagga stoppe.

The drama unfolded along Manenberg Avenue and Renoster Street on Tuesday just after 9.40pm while the team was busy with crime prevention operations.

Manenberg Police spokesperson Captain Ian Bennett explains: “When they searched an 18-year-old who was in possession of two Mandrax tablets and two dagga sticks, he was arrested and as members loaded him into their vehicle, the community members started pelting stones at the SAPS vehicle.

“The community demanded the members release the suspect.

“The members managed to drive away with the suspect in custody.”

Bennett says this is the challenge police face daily, while community members claim cops are not fighting crime.

“This type of action cannot be tolerated and the community members are jeopardising the safety of police members and the lives of the community,” he says.

“They should not expect leniency from the law. A police vehicle was damaged which means the vehicle is out of service and this hampers service delivery.”

He adds that the problem is escalating in the communities that need the most assistance.

“The situation seems to be worsening as members are being attacked by the same community members that complain SAPS is not doing their job,” he says.