BRAVE: The Hoppers slept on the streets of the CBD in support of destitute mense

Life on the street is hard and cold, as this group of people found out over the weekend.
The Hoppers, from Mitchells Plain and Manenberg, slept on the streets of the Cape Town CBD on Saturday night to shine a light on the plight of homeless mense.

   IT’S A WRAP: Blankets were handed out to mense

Yusuf Hope, 44, of The Hoppers, says they wanted to experience what it is like on the streets, and held a Beanie and Blankie Drive beforehand.

“We slept with only our clothes and one blanket to keep warm - we had no heaters, hot water bottles or even something warm to drink.”

Before going to bed, the group of six handed out warme sop, beanies and blankets to hundreds of homeless people who queued at the Grand Parade.

“Mense came from all over to take part in the event,” says Yusuf.

“Aunty Zaida and friends came all the way from Malmesbury with a pot of curry. A woman and her kiddies waited in town for us to hand over some beanies and still had to take a bus home.

“There was a huge turnout of homeless people who were happy with a kombers and a bietjie curry before disappearing into the dark night.”

“The Hoppers wish to thank everyone who contributed.

“After the last blanket and beanie was handed out, The Hoppers took their place on the pavement next to the Castle of Good Hope, among the other homeless. We made friends and listened to their stories.

“We stayed there till 5am on Sunday, closing with a special prayer.”

The Hoppers’ next mission takes place this weekend when they will shave their hair in support of Labeeqah Davids, a nine-year-old cancer patient, who suffers from Myoepithelial carcinoma, a rare tumour that usually occurs in the salivary glands in the mouth, skin and soft tissues.

“She suffers from a rare form of cancer and her chemo treatment comes all the way from the United States, and this has been a struggle for her family,” says Yusuf.

People will be able to bid for the honour of shaving a Hopper’s head at the show, featuring a live band and singer Monox, among others.

The event takes place on Saturday at Garlandale High School in Athlone at 7.30pm. Tickets cost R100.

Call Sakeena Frenchman on 063 177 5829 for information.