Bobby Brown in Carnarvon, Northern Cape. CREDIT: Supplied

I spent the weekend in Carnarvon in the Northern Cape. Not by choice, but by invitation.

I went to look at our wonderful scientific achievements, the Square Kilometer Array, which is a radio telescope used to look into deep space.

While that was fascinating, even more enjoyable was the road trip to a peaceful little dorpie with the warmest people I have ever encountered.

Carnarvon and all surrounding towns  Klawer, Calvinia, Williston, Vanrhynsdorp and Nieuwoudtville - isn’t for everyone.

These are dusty places with lots and lots of nothing for as far as the eye can see.

No malls. No highways. No late-night bars, and no hurry.

Most of the few shops close at midday and then there’s really not much to do, except enjoy the beauty of the Karoo.

I ate Karoo lamb, walked around in dark streets late at night without a fear, or a car passing. I listened to dogs barking in the distance and a town clock that chimed every half hour.

Kids chatting while riding their bicycles in the evening and everyone greeted one another.

I didn’t hear one siren disturbing the tranquility. Just peace and quiet.

It’s a place to connect with your soul. And we all need that every now and again.