DRAMATIC TWIST: Girlfriend of the accused Mortimer Saunders was heard admitting she helped him hide Courtney’s body

On the day of the child’s funeral, the woman allegedly admitted she helped the suspected killer hide the body at her house.

Police sources as well as the family’s spokesperson say the neighbour, who may not be named, was taken in for questioning by Elsies River cops on Sunday afternoon, but no arrest has been made yet.

Police would neither confirm or deny the claims.

Provincial police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana says information about the ongoing police investigation cannot be revealed.

“This office is not in a position to divulge information pertaining a murder investigation which is yet to be finalised,” she said.

Little Courtney was laid to rest on Saturday, after her body was found dumped in a shallow grave on a field in Epping Industria on 13 May.

She was reported missing on 4 May.

Mortimer Saunders, 40, her father’s friend who had been boarding with the family for the past two years was arrested and charged with her kidnapping, rape and murder.

Family spokeswoman Roegshanda Pascoe said yesterday the mother of Saunders’ six-year-old daughter, and a neighbour of Courtney’s family in Pluto Street, has been taken in for questioning after revealing “incriminating” information at the child’s funeral.

SAW POLICE: Roegshanda Pasco

“On the day Courtney was buried, that woman stood outside, shouting how she had kept the body hidden in her bedroom and helped Mortimer,” says Roegshanda.

“Everyone was in shock. People just looked at her but someone called the police.

“She was first questioned about her statements on Sunday morning for a long time at her house and Monday morning two police officers arrived and took her away.

“I don’t know what it all means but she said the words with her own mouth and must answer for them.”

Courtney’s cousin, Celeste Adonis, says the family is finding it hard to deal with it all.

“We have been hearing lots of stories, but it is the first time anyone has been questioned," Celeste says.

“We believe she knows something about what exactly happened to Courtney, the police just have to figure out what."

Roegshanda appealed to the community to leave the investigating to the police and stop spreading rumours about the grieving family.

“They really have been through enough at this point.

“For now my only concern is that family who lost a sibling, giving them support and making sure they are not victimised anymore,” she says.

Sources close to the investigation said by 5pm yesterday, police were still busy questioning the woman and her relatives.

Saunders is back in the Goodwood District court tomorrow for a formal bail application.

At his first court appearance last Wednesday, he asked to be released on bail because he needed to work and earn money.

He also requested to be transferred to the hospital section at Goodwood prison because he feared for his life.