FAKE NEWS: Not Goliath but a giant skeleton sculpture
Social media went into a frenzy this week after it emerged that the remains of biblical giant, Goliath, has been dug up in Jerusalem.

And the stone slung from David’s slingshot, was still stuck in the forehead.

Photos of a gigantic skeleton being excavated also did the rounds.

A post with the photos reads: “Diggers in Israel believe they’ve made a giant discovery. For they’re convinced they’ve come across Goliath’s skull! And what’s more, they say, the stone from David’s slingshot is still embedded in the forehead."

Archaeologist Dr. Richard Martin says: “We found the skull in the Valley of Elah, in the foothills of the Judean Mountains, where David’s battle with Goliath took place. The skull is huge and clearly belongs to a man of enormous stature.”

Tests show that the skull is between 2 900 and 3 000 years old - about the right time for the biblical battle.

Dr. Martin says: “This is the archaeological find of the year.”

But now it has emerged that the story, Dr. Martin and the skeleton are a giant fake.

According to the Bangalore Mirror, the skeleton is actually a sculpture in Milan’s Palazzo Reale created by artist Gino De Dominicis.

“This giant skeleton sculpture was displayed in Milan’s Palazzo Reale in 2007. Named “Calamita Cosmica,” or “Cosmic Magnet,” the sculpture is 28 metres long and weighs about eight tons, or 16 000 pounds. The artist completed this work shortly before his death,” the paper said.

And the Bible says, after he killed the giant Goliath, David took the Philistine's head to Jerusalem.

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