NO SELL-OUT: EFF leader Julius Malema

So the municipal elections are now a thing of the past and it’s been interesting to watch uncomfortable political alliances being formed.

Most interesting has been the EFF. Julius Malema has undoubtedly emerged as die outjie in die stuk.

I will admit I am impressed with the fact that he is sticking to his guns and not grabbing offers of power.

And I’m sure there have been very tantalising deals thrown his way, like mayoralships or diplomatic postings.

He has said no to it all and is choosing to remain an agitator, rather than a king maker.

So the question is obviously what is next for Julius. I reckon - to impress his supporters, he has made a very smart long-term move requiring patience. You can’t be the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters and then grab the first bag of money being thrown your way. 

I think Julius is playing for the big win. He is showing his supporters that he is keeping his promises - for now! 

That way, he is setting himself up for even more votes in the 2019 and in time, eventually the presidency.