ARRIVAL: Chelsea’s Gonzalo Higuain scored a double. Photo: JOHN SIBLEY/REUTERS

You just can’t keep your eyes off it!

And it’s just impossible to predict who’s gonna do what when?

I mean look at Chelsea last week. Probably one of the most embarrassing scorelines I can remember.

4-0 at Bournemouth, my god, call me a glory hunter, but we ain’t meant to be losing like that!

Our worst defeat in 23 years and then up they pop on Saturday and (OK it was Huddersfield), bang in five with no response and Gonzalo Higuain announcing his arrival in England with two superb goals.

MR CONSISTENT?: Pep Guardiola’s City lost to Newcastle. Photo: PETER POWELL/EPA

I was most impressed with his ability to constantly find space with sophisticated running off the ball.

Chelsea were dominant in possession at Bournemouth, but the Argentinian front man, running as he did this Saturday, just couldn’t be found with decent service.

I believe that once the connection clicks properly (like it did against the Terriers) he’s going to be a formidable force Old but gold!

I’m still a fan of coach Maurizio Sarri. It feels like we’re a few months and a couple of players away from a proper side. The one thing that I don’t get is the lack of time given to Callum Hudson-Odoi. I’d play the kid ahead of Pedro any day of the week.

You know the kind of player he is, every time he gets the ball there’s a feeling of positive anticipation.

What a talent, if the Blues have genuine ambition, HE MUST STAY.

Then there’s Manchester City. And what happened to Pep Guardiola’s consistency?

They were solid against Arsenal on Sunday, never gave the Gunners a chance, but were deservedly beaten by the Geordies last week.

Despite their apparent fallibility, it does feel like the title is far from the Scousers'.

I see edginess and pressure creeping in week-in-week-out and what looked like a one-horse race a couple of weeks ago has a different look now.

The next five days could be crucial with City away at Everton tonight and at Eastlands for Chelsea on Sunday.

Could the mighty Goodison Park atmosphere create another Newcastle?

And now that Chelsea have had their arses kicked into gear, will it be a straight three points on the weekend?

The bookies are the only real winners right now, with unpredictability comes revenue and Burnley grabbing a point at Old Trafford last week was no different.

PROSPECT: Blues' Callum Hudson-Odoi needs a run. Photo: WILL OLIVER/EPA

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side looked unconvincing again at Leicester, despite grabbing the points.

Could we be seeing the honeymoon bubble bursting? Look, not taking anything away, but the last couple of games, they ain’t looked any different to what they were under Jose Mourinho.

Could it be anything to do with the gaffer’s revelation that he’s finding it difficult being away from his family? Shame man, baby-face just needs a little hug.

Spurs keep nibbling away and it looks like Harry Kane is going to be back sooner than expected. But they’re Spurs, aren’t they? They just can’t get over that final hurdle.

Despite grinding out a 1-0 win against the resurgent Geordies, I’m not sure they’re certs for a top-four finish.

Like you, I don’t know who’s going to produce what next.

But it still appears to be a City v Liverpool race and the rest fighting for a top 4 finish.

Before I sign off, I drove through Retreat on Sunday morning, bought six-for-R10 koesisters, oooh, lovely, banged em’ down with a chocolate Steri Stumpie.

Met this kid in a store there. So respectful, such a warm smile and such smart words about the football. Turns out he supports United.

Anyway fella, if you’re reading, agreed, Chelsea v United (FA Cup) is a 50/50 game, but I really hope you lose... what a lovely uncle I am!

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