RIDICULOUS CALL: Skipper Faf du Plessis. Photo: Chrsitiaan Kotze/BackpagePix

I can’t believe the ICC ban on Faf du Plessis.

The Proteas captain was suspended for a second slow-over rate violation in 12 months after the second Test against Pakistan at Newlands.

Following the letter of the law, match referee David Boon, the former Australia batsman, decided to throw the book at the man of the match.

I guess there is nothing wrong with following the rules. Boon executed his duties with no fear or favour and all of that.

But when one looks at the nature of the law, this becomes a bit confusing.

Punishing slow-over rates comes from teams trying to waste time in Test matches.

Teams would connive to drag out matches in order to get draws when they were under the cosh.

The Proteas’ case here was different, of course.

LETTER OF LAW: David Boon stuck to guns

Attacking Pakistan with a battery of pace bowlers, Faf and his manne were pushing hard to dismiss the tourists and end the game before close of play on Day Three.

How, then, can the slower rate of overs be punished when the match was progressing that quickly?

Day Three! Come on! The match was over after nine overs on the fourth day and the Proteas still get punished?

I think the decision was ridiculous and maybe the ICC should be more flexible about the laws when looking at the actual match.

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