RACER: Taufiq Carr and friends must take racing to Killarney. PHOTO: FILE IMAGE.

Bobby Nitro has been noting the ongoing conversation about Taufiq Carr and that infamous 320km/h BMW M3 crash on the N1 that cost him both his legs. Somehow he was the only one hurt.

Many have weighed in on this, with comments about the mystery passenger, messages of condolence, and Taufiq himself even telling the media that if given the chance he would do it again. Now something is very off about a comment like that.

When you’re a successful guy owning a kwaai car, it’s too easy to think this life is all about you. It’s easy to go out on a public road and ‘live your passion’ pushing the top end of a car that probably belongs on the track.

What is missing here is responsibility. Illegal drag racing puts other people’s lives in danger. Taufiq, a father of two, should be able to appreciate that. Also, not to condone it, but there used to be an unwritten code of conduct on the scene, where you did not race unless the road was clear.

There’s something vaguely sociopathic about glorifying ouens who behave like this on public roads. As a culture, surely we should be encouraging street racers to take it to the track? 

Killarney robot racing is the place to take the races. We know the change will not happen overnight, it’s gradual, but it must happen. The change begins with you.

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