WINNER: Natheer Moses’s 2010 G6 won Best of Show
It's that time of year when the shows that are on every self-respecting petrolkop’s calendar come rolling by, thick and fast.

One of the annual must-see events is the Dub Auto Fest, now in its fifth year and going strong. This show attracts a collection of all things Dub, a real McCoy VAG lifestyle day on the field.

VAG refers to the Volkswagen Auto Group, and includes all companies owned by Volkswagen, including Audi, Lamborghini and Seat. At DAF, you can always expect an unrivalled collection of VW cars.

So the VAG mobiles rolled into Rhodes High School last Saturday. Now, for the past three years in a row, the Best of Show trophy has gone to PE man Vincent Cekiso and his immaculate Mk1. This year it stayed in Cape Town.

Natheer Moses’ bagged 2010 G6 scooped the coveted award, with its perfect finish and near-indescribable paint colour. Vincent came all the way from PE to hand over the trophy. Bobby chatted with Natheer, who has had this car on the scene for two years now, after the show.

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He says: “It was a surprise to win, there were so many other contenders.”

Sounds like he really worked for it though, bringing out a new paint job after the previous white. He says: “The reason we don’t have a name for the colour is that we mixed paint for about two weeks, adding a bit of this and that, till we came out with this colour. So if I scratch the car, I’m done, I’ll have to start again.”

The Golf is a collection of VAG add-ons, including Golf R sideskirts and G7 headlights. The engine has been treated with bigger turbos, an S# intercooler, Audi R8 coil packs, a 76mm exhaust running all the way, and runs on methanol.

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Natheer says: “On a dyno we do 560Nm, and 271kW on normal pump fuel.”

It was a nostalgic day for Joe Klein, a DAF founder and respected kop on the scene. He says: “The highlight for me for the day was the prizegiving, knowing that this was my last event that I would co-host with Team DAF due to a change in my work portfolio.”

But, he adds, hastily: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not leaving the scene, I will still be around.

What’s really cool about this show is that it’s a red carpet event, in that owners drive up onto the carpet one by one for judging, which takes place with an audience.

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Joe says: “I interview the owners about the car. We had 67 show and shine entries, car club activities, entertainment from Libra Scale and various activities for the crowd.”

Another notable entry was Radhia Lakay and her custom two-door Mk5 GTi, which took best Mk5 for the day. This cabbie is the epitome of sleek. Dropped to the max, level with the tarmac and with beautiful poke fitment, the Mk5 was a head-turner. (Poke, by the way, refers to the Stance style where the fender fits nicely into the space between rim and stretch tyre, sitting lekker).

Radhia says: “Even though I won some silverware, you must know that I’m not in it to compete with anyone. I’m just doing it for the love and passion I have for cars. In that regard, I’ve always wanted air suspension, and now I have it on my daily drive.”

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The tinted windows and smoked headlights, as well as custom colour, add to the smart look of this Golf, named ‘bRave1’.

She adds: “The car gets even more interesting on the inside, leather and alcantara covered seats, door panels custom wrapped in alcantara and carbon fibre, as well as a full-on Rockford Fosgate sound system.”

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Bagged is a hotly contested class, and this year Brett van der Schyff came in first with his Audi S3. He also scooped a second in street styling and first for Best Audi. One look at this S3 and you’ll see why. Cape Deutschland took best club spirit of the day award.