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Personal responsibility, like other life skills, is something we learn by example.

If your dad, for instance, would lose it and hit the road rage button if he encountered a slowpoke meandering down the road, well, in all likelihood you’re going to do the same thing.

Then your son or daughter learns this way to behave from you, and so on.

That’s why if there is to be a change on our roads, that change can only begin with you and me.

Of course, road rage doesn’t add to the overall safety of our roads, as the more the moer in you are, the more mistakes you’ll make, the more likely it is that you make a rash judgement call and put your own and others’ lives at stake.

On the other hand, if your kids see you making an effort to change the way you behave as a driver, then it instills in their young minds the fact that people can actually do things differently, that we can change our behaviour for the better. Change becomes a real possibility. That can only set them in good stead.

Again, the change begins with you.

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