HOT CONTENDER: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has class. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.

The hotly contested crossover market has a new contender, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Crossover cars, more or less a smaller and more affordable version of an SUV, are bred for tackling tougher terrain but still sport urban street style, albeit with little more clearance.

OPTIONS: Retails between R400k and R450k. PHOTO: SUPPLIED.

Looks are important in this slice of the market, and the Eclipse Cross arrives with some striking features. With robust styling on the upper body, the lower sports some dart-like features that may be more appealing than its box-like rivals.

FUTURISTIC: The 2 litre pushes 110kW. PHOTO: JAMES ELSBY

Riding on a 2670mm wheelbase, it is sporty, with plenty of chrome shine around the front end. Top rivals are likely to be the Nissan Qashqai and Toyota CH-R. However, a unique selling point here is that the Mitsubishi is available in all-wheel drive, giving it some practical credibility (with a ground clearance of 180mm) in those rougher terrains that the crossover is supposed to be able to tackle. There is also a money-saving front wheel drive option.

SNAZZY: The interior brings a host of features which leave you feeling quite impressed.

Power will come from a normally aspirated two-litre petrol unit rated at 110kW and 198Nm. Unfortunately the 1.5-litre turbopetrol variant won’t be available in SA. Power is directed to a continuously variable gearbox with a six-step sports mode, also controlled manually via steering-mounted paddles.

The interior brings leather seats, automatic climate control, head-up display, multi-function steering wheel, front and rear park distance control with reverse camera, cruise control, keyless operating system, seven airbags, stability and traction control and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The 4x2 retails at R399 995 while the 4x4 is yours for R449 995.

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