EAT THIS: Cottage Pie werk mos sterk innie winter maande

Nothing is duidelikker than coming into your home from the cold and being met by the lekke smell of warme dite that meets you at the front door.

If you walk around frozen for hours, just like I do all throughout winter, because your body is Wintering, while you work your way through the season, a hot plate of food is all you need to get by.

The rest of the day can be vaal, as long as the dite is reg when you get home, your day is made.

I am one of the lucky people, who because I get home last five days a week, I do not have to go and cook. But I seriously hate being this cold, dreaming the entire day about what I want to eat tonight.

My favourite things in winter are oven-bakes and bredies. I literally call up every grown Auntie I know to hear what they are cooking, so if I have time, I pop around to get a bietjie boentjie-bredie or soup.

This week we focus on some of the more traditional meals. This is because I smaak every single one of these meals with a passion this week. My mond water vir my Auntie se bobotie, my ma se denningvleis, skoonma se pampoen-bredie and my bae’s shepherd’s pie. 

All these meals are simple to prepare, and naturally not too expensive. All the ingredients are right there in the kassie.

In the words of my favourite Vannie Kaap hashtag this week: #diteislife bra, dite... is life.