Picture: Courtney Africa/African News Agency(ANA)

It’s the month of love and by Thursday this time, the romance level wherever you are will be turned up a notch.

Yes, we all know Valentine’s Day is just another day for chocolate and flower businesses to make more money out of us, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t appreciate a surprise gift or even better yet, a surprise homecooked meal?

Moms, just imagine, you get home from work and dad and kids cooked dinner, cleaned the house and all you need to do is put up your feet and enjoy the feast.

Or dads (let me not be accused of being biased) imagine coming home to a picnic in your lounge with some of your favourite treats.

Doesn’t matter how big or small your feasts, it’s the thought that counts.

Besides, it’s the one day you’re allowed to be cheesy, and smother your significant other with love (although the latter should happen daily).

Since our old friend load shedding is back, you may want to keep your meal light and quick and easy to prepare.

Depending on when the lights go out in your area, and Eskom decides to set the mood for you, a candlelit dinner will more than likely be on the cards tomorrow night.

Perhaps leave the pork belly and lamb shank dishes for another day.

I care as much about Valentine’s Day as the next person, but I must admit even I get drawn into the hype sometimes.

And even if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, there’s no rule against spoiling any other person in your life, whether it’s your mom, dad or even your siblings.

Lets spread the love this Valentine’s Day and show your loved ones how much you really care.

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