YUMTIOUS: Enjoy lekker dishes such as this favourite lamb curry
We are in that final stretch of the blessed month of Ramadaan and spidey senses are kicking in as Muslim moms across the world contemplate what to serve on Eid, which is possibly on Friday, depending on the new moon being sighted on Thursday night.

In most homes, preparation for labarang starts with a proper spring cleaning.

Die matte, curtains, the walls and all the windows get a good scrub, and where people can, they will buy paint and new curtains, while the “special occasion” tablecloths and crockery are also taken out.

In my family, everyone usually gets together to celebrate a delicious lunch. We get together to plan a menu and everyone contributes a dish. I will come home from work and start on the roasts.

My hubby, the fantastic chef that he is, will make a variety of lekker puddings.


Avocado, Cream Cheese & Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastries

All this will happen late into the night after the announcement has been made from Three Anchor Bay that the maankykers have spotted the new moon of Shabaan and confirmed that it is, indeed, Eid the next day.

The kids will have fun running around in their PJs with their washed and styled hair, excited for the new clothes they will be wearing the following day.

We usually make about 50 gift bags - sweets wrapped in chiffon with a nice bow - and hand it over to the kids who come to say slamat.

What is most important on this day, though, is family.

There is a certain sense of pride in celebrating the end of an entire month of contemplation and sacrifice.

We wish you Eid Mubarak.

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