HEADLINE MAKER: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

You've got to give it to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, even Jose Mourinho can’t match him for headline- grabbing news and quotes!

Like the whole world doesn’t know it already, the big Z scored with a scissor kick on his debut for United during their 5-2 friendly thrashing of Galatasaray.

I mean, what else did you expect? But if that wasn’t enough, post-match he seemingly spilt a few beans over the impending Paul Pogba move.

Well, that’s how it’s been interpreted of course. He just doesn’t give a s***, does he? If it’s going win him media space, he’s likely to do it.

He told Swedish television station Kanal 5: “We have something big going on. It looks very interesting. Let’s see if Pogba will also [come], then it will be even more interesting.”

These days high-end transfers live in a murky world, conducted by characters and played out in scenes comparable to cold war spy movies, with an army of journalists being misled.

But no, the Zlatan says what he wants, he can grab the headlines, and he’ll announce to the world that the biggest transfer in the history of football is going to happen.

OK, not in exact words and yes, it’s the worst kept secret in football, but he’s basically rubber- stamped the speculation.

Of course, everyone who hates United will continue with mantras, pin dolls, prayers and sacrifices in the hope that the deal falls through - well, that’s in my house anyway.

On top of all that, my wife - who isn’t a big football fan - follows Zlatan on Twitter, which really irritates me.

He’s a genuine personification of the Chuck Norris cartoon character.

Zlatan is so powerful, the Glazers are reducing their dividends to appease the fans.

But on a serious note, the arrival of arguably football’s two biggest personalities is a complete 180 on standard United policy.

Yes, icons have evolved at Old Trafford, the Beckhams and Cantonas, but the club has never brought in players or coaches that might challenge the conservative approach of the board.

I think it’s quite refreshing, it might just be what they need to re-establish themselves.

Brand United has already been diluted and the season hasn’t even started.

Mourinho and Ibrahimovic are sucking up the headlines and with Pogba on his way, shirt sales are set to become the clubs most important revenue stream, yep, even eclipsing mammoth TV fees post the £5billion Sky/BT deal.

I have countless conversations with United fans on the subject of Ibra & Mour - which actually sounds like a good name for an advertising agency.

There’s a strange feeling amongst them. I can only compare it to an addict about to take his first hit of the day.

Personally - and I’ve got used to it, having lived through the Abramovich years - I’d be less worried and dramatic.

I love Mourinho and he has the proven ability to “turn things around”.

So what if history says: first season defensive winning football, second season expansive good looking winning football, third season get the f*** out.

The days of Dynasty football are over, golden eras are done.

There are too many big money sides around for any one club to monopolise.

And let’s not forget the tightening up of quality between the haves and have nots.

As for Zlatan, yeah, he’s old, but he’s gold - haha, bit of 80s radio for ya - he’ll hit a decent goal tally this season and bring a bit of life to the squad.

Top flight football and investment into it these days is a massive gamble.

Just forget the history and accept that it has changed.

We live and hope for success season by season.

An illustrious past doesn’t entitle you to, nor does it give ANY guarantees for a successful future.

My feeling is that this season will be easier to predict than last. The modern day big 5 will all be back, however, in which order is absolutely impossible to predict.

As the markets stand today, City are 9/4 favourites - I can’t see them winning it - followed by United (3/1), Chelsea (5/1), Arsenal (6/1) and Liverpool (8/1).

Spurs are fancied at 10/1 or if you definitely wanna lose your money, Leicester at 28/1. Shame…