FEELS LIKE A D***: Gigaba
South Africans will never be able to look at Malusi Gigaba the same way again. Not after they’ve seen the leaked “sex video” of the Minister of Home Affairs.

Unfortunately the 10-second clip of Gigaba “taking matters into his own hands” has been spread far and wide on social media. You can’t un-see it.

And his now famous “Imagine this in your mouth” line has already become a slogan for Nando’s half a “Gigabyte” 1/2 chicken meal, apparently.

They would, wouldn’t they.

Eish, you don’t envy being in Gigaba’s shoes at the next Parliament sitting.

No doubt the hecklers in the House will be discussing Gigaba’s “honourable member” out loud.

Julius Malema and the EFF will have a field day. Instead of election talk, it will be erection talk.

It’s going to be a hard one to live down for Gigaba.

The minister insists the video was meant for his wife. And that some vuilgat hacker got into his private files and is trying to extort R5 million out of him.

Others believe there was no hack and that it’s merely a case of a jilted jolmeit wanting to expose Gigaba.

Well, whoever it was, they certainly succeeded.

Shame, poor Norma Gigaba.

There have been surprisingly mixed reactions to the scandal.

Some, mostly in the ANC, have come out in defence of the minister, saying what happens in his bedroom is nobody’s business.

Of course, the opposition have blasted Gigaba for “unministerial” behaviour and bringing shame on his office.

Yet, among some of the ladies on social media, he has become a “firm” favourite.

Munier’s two cents: if you’re stupid enough to be exposed in a sex video, should you be in charge of running Home Affairs?

(PS: Sharing of this video is considered distribution of porn and is illegal.)

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