CLIFTON: Fourth Beach sheep debacle. Photo: Phando Jikelo. African News Agency/ANA

On Christmas Day, I wrote about all the awesome gifts Santa brought us throughout 2018.

From the possible extradition of the Guptas and the appointment of Shamila Batohi as chief prosecutor to the commissions of inquiry and Pravin Gordhan cleaning out our state-owned enterprises.

I then asked that we guard these delicate gifts carefully so that we can pass them on to our grandchildren one day.

Last week, I encouraged us all to use the relative peace brought on by the Anti-Gang Unit to build stronger communities that will be able to fight gangsterism on their own.

But I couldn’t ignore the stink that was the #ReclaimClifton campaign, which culminated into a sheep being slaughtered on Fourth Beach. The reason I couldn’t ignore it was because it was obvious to me that an innocent altercation was being used as a political spoon to stir up racial tensions ahead of the May elections.

In fact, every major political party had something to say about the Clifton debacle, but none of them addressed the obvious truths.

So please use it as a perfect example of the type of dirty and dangerous mud that will be slung over the following five months.