SCENE: The tuckshop. Photo: Leon Knipe
Three people have been killed and one wounded in less than a week in Bonteheuwel.

Two of the murders happened on Wednesday.

In the latest incident police were called to Jakkalsvlei Avenue just after 10pm where they found the body of a 20-year-old man lying inside a tuckshop.

Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk says a murder case was registered for investigation.

Meanwhile, Ward councillor, Angus Mckenzie says: “Over the last few weeks we have had a major increase in the amount of gang-related murders in Bonteheuwel.

“We are aware that a lot of the killings are revenge attacks because of the high amount of pressure that has been placed on the gangsterism and drug trade.

“My appeal is for the community to give us the names of the people who are doing this.

“We had a shooting of two people in front of many people on the corners of Boekenhout Street and Bonteheuwel Avenue. Someone must have seen something.”

Shaan Harris, 42, and Morile Adams, 31, were allegedly gunned down by members of the Bad Boys gang.

One of the men was shot in the head and died on the scene while the other died in hospital.

A video taken shortly after the shooting showed residents gathering around the men.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video taken shortly after shooting in Bonteheuwel wehere residents gathered around the men. Video: Supplied

Last week, Keanu Green, 17, who was acquitted of the murder of Netreg train driver Piet Botha, was killed on the corners of Mahogany Street and Bonteheuwel Avenue during a drive-by shooting.

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