INITIATIVE: Carnita Boltman. Photo: Supplied
A teacher at Mountview High School in Hanover Park is saving her students from gangsterism and drugs one note at a time.

When Carnita Boltman noticed some of her pupils were neither academically inclined nor showed any interest in sports, she introduced them to the music industry and production in particular.

They established Mountview High Productions in 2015 and started with only three children. There are now 15 kids in the group.

INTEREST: Mountview High School pupils. Photo: Supplied

“Learners are so easily drawn into bad situations in Hanover Park, such as gangsterism and drugs, finding an activity to spark their interest was of utmost importance,” the teacher says.

“After much investigation it became apparent that music was the missing extra mural activity needed at the school.

“The project entails the ins-and-outs of the music industry. They learn to read music, play instruments, make beats, write lyrics, sing, as well as rap.”

The project further extends to sound engineering, graphic designing, advertising and IT.

“There are also learners who assist with stage set-up as they have an interest in working on production sets one day.”

The students are in dire need of music-related equipment to sustain their project.

Tonight, they are hosting a concert in the school hall at 7.30pm to raise funds.

The concert features Lear Heart, Yasser Morris and the music and production crew.

Carnita says: “What makes this concert so different from the rest is that many of the songs are original MVH productions - written, composed and performed by the talented learners of Mount View High School.”

If you would like to buy tickets or make a donation, email Mr. H. Bowers at [email protected]

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