SNACK: A rat helps itself to dite at salad bar
Food Lover’s Market has promised to investigate the problem of rats at its branch in Diepkloof, Soweto.

In a video posted by a Facebook user, Sipho Ndhlovu, a lone rot was recorded eating food on display at the salads section at the fresh produce store.

The video has since gone viral with social media users slamming the store and questioning its quality control measures and hygiene standards.

But in a statement, Food Lover’s Market said that it would get to the bottom of the rodent problem at this particular shop and said a pest control company was already doing regular inspections.

“We are aware of the video that was posted of Diepkloof Square. We view the matter in a serious light and have launched an investigation to establish the source of the rodent problem,” it said.

“In the meanwhile, we can say we have a health and safety inspectorate that does regular investigations and the last inspection took place in November.

“The store is also contracted to the pest control company Rentokil, who do regular inspections and provide the necessary services regarding the rodent and pest control.”