ANGRY: Kensington residents wanted to moer the suspect
ANGRY: Kensington residents wanted to moer the suspect
Kensington residents clashed with police on Saturday as angry parents demanded cops hand over a Mitchells Plain man who allegedly tried to rape a 15-year-old girl.

The community hurled stones at cops at the crime scene in Ventura Street where the girl escaped her attacker, who is a family friend who came to visit for the weekend.

The girl’s older sister says the family is still in shock after the man allegedly forced the girl to wash him and then masturbated as he prepared to rape her.

“He is my stepfather’s friend from Mitchells Plain and he came here for the weekend,” said the 22-year-old sister.

“He slept here Friday night and on Saturday morning she was alone with him in the Wendy house at the back and I just heard her scream.

“She came to me and her hands were shaking and then she collapsed.”

Video: Monique Duval/Daily Voice

The sister said she rushed to the Wendy where she found the man pulling up his pants: “His penis was still styf! I shouted at him and called my aunties and he was kept there.

“I went back to my little sister and she told me that he was washing in a bucket and told her to wash his back and when she did, he forced her to wash his penis and then started skommeling in her face and was getting ready to rape her.

“He tried to force her in the corner so she couldn’t get out, but she managed to get away.”

SCENE: Wendy where man washed

The angry sister says the family rallied and were soon joined by an angry mob who wanted to moer the man.

“The whole community came out and wanted to moer him but the police took him and everyone was kwaad.

“The cops shot rubber bullets at us but my sister is very traumatised.”


Resident Thelma Klaasen, 61, says she was walking to the hospital when she saw the mob of about 400 people gather, and joined them.

“That could have been any of our children. We told the police to give him to us and we will sort him out, but they took him away,” she says.

“Why do they protect him and he wants to then rape children?”

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirms the incident and says police have arrested the 46-year-old man who faces charges of sexual assault when he appears in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court this week.

“According to reports, the community of about 400 people wanted to assault the suspect and police responded to the scene,” she says.

“Police took action to disperse the community who threw stones and damaged five police vehicles.”

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