VIRAL: Kyle Lucas being 'assaulted' by Law Enforcement officers in Westridge Gardens was caught on tape. CREDIT: Screenshot
VIRAL: Kyle Lucas being 'assaulted' by Law Enforcement officers in Westridge Gardens was caught on tape. CREDIT: Screenshot
The mother of a 14-year-old boy who was allegedly assaulted by members of Law Enforcement is outraged after a video of the attack went viral on social media.

Kyle Lucas of Mitchells Plain had been visiting Westridge Park with two friends, aged 12 and 13, on 5 March when the alleged attack took place.

The boys were accused of breaking a window of the men’s toilet and were taken to the security office at the premises.

It is unclear who filmed the incident and shared it Facebook and WhatsApp this week.

The Grade 9 pupil’s mother has since opened a case of assault with police and says her son is traumatised.

Richard Bosman, the City’s Executive Director for Safety and Security, is aware of the video and is calling for an investigation and possible disciplinary action.

“The City will investigate the circumstances surrounding the video clip and initiate any disciplinary proceedings that may be required,” says Bosman.

The 15-second video shows Kyle standing in the Law Enforcement offices on the park.

It begins with Kyle asking the cop, who is dressed in uniform, why they released his two other friends.

Kyle claims the two friends may have been responsible for breaking the toilet window.

The cop begins smacking Kyle hard in the face saying he is an older child.

“Uncle, why did you release them, uncle, they did throw it,” he pleads.

The cop replies: “You f***ing old man, you f***ing old man” and gives the boy two taai klappe in the face.

He continues to smack the boy, saying: “Why must we beg you?”

Another person also beats him while the officer shouts: “You don’t come to this park again.”

The teen cries, “Eina, eina!”

Kyle’s mother Jenilee Philander, 32, is calling for an investigation, saying her son has been left traumatised, especially after the video went viral.

Kyle says he feels ashamed by what had happened: “I feel embarrassed because all my friends have the video.

“It is not right what the man did to me.”

The mom adds: “He said he and his friends went to the toilet and that the window broke.

“They were taken by Law Enforcement.

“In the video you can hear Kyle asking why the cops let the two other boys go.

“I couldn’t even watch the video because of how he was being assaulted.”

Jenilee opened a case with police this week as soon as she viewed the video.

“The video went onto Facebook and WhatsApp, and ... I got it from a neighbour this week,” she says.

“I immediately opened a case with police.

“The cops are supposed to protect our children, not harm them.

“If he did anything or if they wanted to discipline him or anyone, why didn’t they bring him home to me, they just sent him home.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms the case.

“We can confirm a case of assault common was registered at Mitchells Plain Police Station.

“The complainant alleges he was assaulted by Law Enforcement officers in the Westridge Gardens on 5 March at 3.30pm.

“The investigation continues.”