UPSET: Chantal Underwood says she's been sleeping in car

Chantal Underwood, 59, who has been living at the Musgrave Communicare complex for six years, says management has been slow to do something about her new house guests.

Three weeks ago, Chantal was scared out of her wits when she discovered 30cm-long rats had taken over her kitchen.

The shaken woman ran out of her one-bedroom home, refusing to stay in her rat-infested home.

“Oh my God, I was on my nerves after seeing that ,” the traumatised woman explains.

“I froze, trying to listen where these rats were.”

For three weeks she has been staying with friends and sleeping in her car, while she waits for management to act.

Chantal says: “I have been homeless for a month, living out of my car waiting for them to come to the party. I am not 20 any more, I can’t live like this.”

Salieg Subera, the building supervisor told the Daily Voice that Chantal would be back in her house on Friday that same week.

Three weeks later and the pests are still there.

When the Daily Voice contacted Subera, he refused to comment.

The frustrated tenant adds: “ I want to be reimbursed for this month’s rent, while I was homeless and will not move back till the place is clean.”

The Daily Voice called Communicare and did not receive comment at the time of going to print.