Thieves posing as Lewis staff stole Sayed Groenewald’s TV. CREDIT: Patrick Louw
A furniture store whose name is being used in a scam says it’s not the first time it has happened.

Lewis Stores say they’re investigating reports of skelms using their name to get into people’s homes and clean them out.

Belhar resident Sayed Groenewald, 32, said his mother was conned by four “Lewis employees”, who stole their plasma screen television.

The men arrived at their home in Adam Tas Street on Monday evening, driving two white VW Polo cars.

They pretended to be Lewis workers and asked his mom’s berk to help guard their loaded bakkie, which was “standing around the corner”.

One of the men brazenly unplugged the TV and grabbing the remote before loading it into the getaway car.

Sayed says his mother ran after the man, but they drove off.

Rinus Oliphant, the Director of Credit at Lewis Stores, says this is not the first time skelms have abused their brand.

“A few years ago we had incidents where people somehow got hold of our uniforms and pretended to be employees but we called the police and they were arrested,” says Oliphant.

“We also want to investigate if these are any of our customers who they have targeted.

“These are not employees of Lewis and we thank the Daily Voice for bringing it to our attention, this seems to be a scam.”