RAID FURY: The Mitchells Plain family’s ransacked home
A Mitchells Plain family has opened a case with police after Special Task Force members apparently searched the wrong house, kicked down their front door and damaged furniture.

On Wednesday while Eugene Eli, 41, was at work and his wife, Lydia, 54, at the shops, five cop cars pulled up in front of their home in Viooltjie Street, Lentegeur, “and kicked down the front door”.

Lydia’s son, Marshall Joubert, 33, says he arrived to find officers searching their home without a warrant.

“They asked if I was the owner and I told them the owner is not home. They said they were from the Special Task Force and that they were looking for drugs.

“I was confused because we are not criminals.”

The family have now taken off their back door to replace the broken front door, using cupboards to cover the back door.

DIE MOER IN: Lydia Eli, 54, of Lentegeur

The upset mom says: “The front door is broken and my new freezer, which I bought in August, is dented. They also cut open my mattress. They were looking for drugs, but they didn’t even find a cigarette.”

Lydia says after she opened a case she was informed that the cops had, in fact, searched the wrong house.

“They said the police got the wrong house number and searched the incorrect house,” she says.

“We have already made contact with a lawyer about this.”

Cops did not respond to queries.

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