OUT: The suspect found near Baden Powell Drive
Two suspected robbers were beaten and stabbed by angry residents, and later found unconscious at two scenes while apparently looking for one another after the attack.

Law Enforcement officers were called to the first scene along Baden Powell Drive near the Wolfgat Nature Reserve just before 8 am on Tuesday where they found one of the men lying on his side with his hands tied behind his back.

A woman’s wristwatch, found in his jacket, was believed to have been stolen during a robbery which took place in the vicinity of Swartklip Road near Tafelsig on Tuesday.

The man, who sustained injuries to his head, arms and legs, was barely alive.

While the officers were waiting for an ambulance, the man apparently told them he had a friend who was also attacked.

The officers searched nearby bushes but found nothing.

BEATEN UP: Tafelsig suspect

Cops were then called to Compassberg Street in Tafelsig where another beaten-up man was found by community members.

This man also told residents that he had a friend who was attacked and explained that they were living in Delft.

A crime fighter, who asked not to be identified, says the scenes are connected: “The one was asking where the other was when they were found.

“This is a robbery that took place because a woman’s watch was found in the one’s jacket along Baden Powell Drive.

“He had managed to run away after they were beaten and collapsed on the spot where he was found. This was a mob justice attack.”

The Daily Voice sent queries to Law Enforcement and provincial police on Tuesday, but neither authorities said they had any record of the incidents.

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