Julius Malema has attacked Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan. Photo: African News Agency (ANA)
Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has laid charges against Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema with the police and the Equality Court following last week’s vicious verbal attacks on him and his family.

“The determined defence of corruption and the corrupt, using personal attacks, racism and alleged hate speech is not acceptable and must be challenged,” Gordhan said on Monday.

“I have not responded until now to the absolute nonsensical and unsubstantiated attacks, but extending these attacks to my family and threatening harmony amongst the people of South Africa was a step too far. Enough is enough.”

The ministry said Gordhan has asked the court to determine whether Malema’s utterances constitute hate speech.

He asked the police to determine whether it amounted to incitement to violence and also laid a charge of criminal defamation.

The EFF has accused Gordhan of corruption, and that his daughter, Anusha Gordhan, allegedly benefited from government tenders during his time as minister of finance.

Malema labelled Gordhan a “racist and corrupt dog” and called the evidence leader of the commission, SC Pretorius, a “bastard”.

Malema made the comments as he addressed his supporters who were protesting outside the inquiry last week.

Describing the commission as a Mickey Mouse show, Malema said Justice Zondo was presiding over a commission that was stealing money from the poor.

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