DEMAND: Mboro, 49

Mboro, from the Incredible Happenings Church in Katlehong, Johannesburg, has vowed to take legal action against the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission).

This follows the release of a report by the Commission this week, who probed the commercialisation of churches in South Africa.

The investigation followed reports of irregular practices by some church leaders, including Mboro, who made congregants eat grass, and snakes and sprayed them with pesticides.

Mboro, 49, says he needs money to sue the commission, and told his flock to hand over cash, or he would suspend his services for the next nine weeks. These include church, his TV and radio shows. 

Mboro told reporters on Wednesday that he had helped many people over the past 34 years and it’s time they help him. 

He lashed out at the CRL Rights Commission, saying they only cared about money and not the ‘healing’ of people.

“The commission only cares about how much the church is making, not what we are doing for the people. People are being healed here.”

Mboro also made headlines last month when he claimed he had gone to hell, and killed Satan. Last year, he claimed he went to heaven and took selfies which he then tried to sell.