35-year-old man was found guilty of crimen injuria.

A man who called a young black woman the K-word in a shop in Pinelands has to pay her R8 000 in compensation for the humiliation he caused her.

Bruce Allan, 35, of Parow Valley, appeared in the Goodwood District Court on Friday before Magistrate Sean Lea, who found him guilty on a charge of crimen injuria.

In addition he was sentenced to nine months correctional supervision involving six months house arrest, during which he is forbidden to suip liquor, take drugs and unprescribed medicine.

He must also perform community service in the form of cleaning and maintenance at the Parow police station, and attend an anger management course at his own expense.

The incident happened in November last year at Lino’s Tuck Shop in Gunner’s Circle, Pinelands, where Allan asked the victim for help to play the Lotto.

The victim was busy cleaning the refrigerator and asked Allan to wait. Allan then started swearing at the victim, calling her a [email protected]!r, a f***ing b!tch and a bobbejaan.

He shouted that the staff were uneducated, did not belong in the Western Cape, and that they should return to the Eastern Cape.