HOSPITALISED: St. James beach Photo: Leon Knipe

The woman was allegedly followed by two unknown persons who wanted to rob her at St. James Beach on Tuesday.

The suspects then took a large rock and hit the woman over the head.

The woman was taken away to a hospital as she received a serious blow to her head and paramedics gave her oxygen for the shock.

The victim is yet to give a statement to police as she is currently recovering in a nearby hospital.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident but says there are currently no witnesses to a robbery or assault.

SERIOUS BLOW: An elderly woman was attacked with a rock by two robbers

“This office can confirm that an elderly lady is being treated at a hospital for what appears to be serious head injuries. There are currently no witnesses to a robbery or assault. There was supposedly an unconfirmed report that the lady fell. An enquiry has been registered for investigation, and the elderly lady will be interviewed at a later stage,” van Wyk said.

In July, a German female tourist was allegedly attacked with a hammer by a couple while walking along St. James beach.

She protected herself from being hit on her head but suffered a broken arm, hand and fingers during the attack.

Locals said the spate of attacks on beachgoers started in June and has been increasing ever since.

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