TESTIMONY: Martha Abrahams took to the stand

Martha Abrahams, the aunt of Lamohr’s co-accused Anthony “Humpty” Williams, 28, testified that Lamohr was buying R10’s worth of Chicago entjies at her house shop when they heard the gunshots.

Kelvin Mouton, 30, Ryan Harland, 19, Ryan Petersen, 22, and Chaundre Minnies, 25, were killed in a flat in Angelier Hof, Kestrel Way on 24 April 2015.

The two accused each face six charges including four of murder, one of attempted murder and the possession of an illegal firearm.

Abrahams claims there was no way Lamohr could be involved in the shooting.

  IN CUSTODY: Lyle Lamohr, 26

“Lyle knocked by my window at the house shop I have, and asked for cigarettes. As I wanted to give the cigarettes, toe klap die skote,” says Abrahams.

“I then rushed to open the door so he could come inside.

“On our way to the scene, because the shots sounded very close, I saw two guys running on the veldjie, dressed in dark clothes.

“I cannot say if it was them that did the shooting, but they were running fast.”

She says a relative of one of the deceased accused Lamohr of murder, but she told the woman he just bought cigarettes by her.

Outside court, Chaundre’s mother, Abigail Minnies, says their wounds are still raw.

“It’s very painful, they died without any reason but they treat us like the suspects. We want closure,” Minnies said.

The trial continues.