President Jacob Zuma.

If President Jacob Zuma wants to be president for a third term, he will go for it because nobody has the power to stop him, said EFF leader Julius Malema.

“If he wants to be president for the third time, he will be president because everybody is too scared to oppose him,” Malema said at the Daily Maverick’s The Gathering in Midrand.

He said Zuma was “suppressing” talk about succession ahead of the party’s 2017 elective conference.

This was because he was “scared of going to prison”, and the only way to avoid it was to become president again.

Malema also said he hates white supremacy, but not whites.

“There is nothing wrong with crushing white supremacy. It is wrong to think you’re superior to others on the basis of the colour of your skin... and what perpetuates that is the economic exclusion of our people,” he said.