GOING STRONG: Sarah Schroeder is 100 today. Photo: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice
On Friday this Ravensmead ouma celebrates her 100th birthday and she is still fit as a fiddle.

Sarah Schroeder says her “no nonsense nature” and firm belief in the Bible is her secret to a long and fruitful life.

“Eer jou vader en jou moeder en jou dae sal verleng word,” she quotes.

“And I never smoked, drunk or dyed my hair,” she adds.

Surrounded by family, the granny says she had 10 children, only two of whom are still alive.

She has 24 grandchildren and “too many” great-grandchildren to count.

Her youngest daughter, Carol Jones, 61, says she’s been blessed to still have her mother around.

She says her mom was very strict with them.

“She took no nonsense and many of us got a good hiding.

“But she’s starting to scare me, she’s burying all her children and we’re only two left. It makes me wonder,” Carol jokes.

Ouma Sarah seems to have the perfect genes as her late mother lived until the age of 103. She was married for 49 years and her husband died in his late 70s.

GOING STRONG: Sarah Schroeder is 100 today

Celebrations for her milestone started earlier this week.

“My granddaughter took me to the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset on Wednesday night. It was lovely. I slept well. I never thought I would sleep that well on a strange bed,” she says.

On Friday, the entire family will gather for a lekker braai.

The grand old lady is ook nie op haar mond geval nie, and is still able to recite poetry from memory, reciting a gediggie called Rosie that she learnt while she was in primary school.

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