CAPTURED: Taymin Koff, 26, from Hanover Park

The City of Cape Town Metro Police are giving themselves a pat on the back after capturing the most wanted suspect in Hanover Park.

Metro Police say the 26-year-old suspect was wanted for the murder of a four-year-old boy in December, and had managed to dodged cops since then.

On Thursday morning, the notorious Laughing Boy gangster was arrested in Hanover Park, where he had been hiding out.

Taymin “Tutu” Koff, 26, appeared in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court yesterday on three charges of murder, including the shooting of four-year-old Mogamat Najmie Simon from Hermanus on December 23.

Najmie was in Hanover Park visiting his ouma.

The little boy had barely been in the area for three hours when gangsters opened fire in Mentz Court.

Najmie died in his grandmother’s arms in front of her house.

SHOT DEAD: Najmie Simon, 4

Metro Police Superintendent Raymond Arnold: “Tutu went on the run after the shooting in December. On Thursday morning he was in the company of 10 known Laughing Boys, and was recognised by one of the sergeants and attempted to flee.

“He was captured and taken to Philippi police station where he was profiled and charged. He had been on the run for long, managing to evade our security forces.

“Tutu knew the sergeant would recognise him and attempted to run, but the six officers responded immediately and captured him without injury.

“He has been chased down by police officers before, but has always managed to evade being captured. He is quick and would usually disappear without a trace, but not this time.”

Other charges against Koff include various cases of illegal possession of weapons and possession of drugs. He has also been charged with intimidation and putting a hit out on a SAPS warrant officer.

Police sources say the suspect “is known for being extremely active in gang-related shootings and gun activity”, as well as regularly using his skollie status to intimidate the community of Hanover Park.

The source says although the community of Hanover Park had been rocked by Najmie’s murder, but the shooter was never piemped because people feared for their own lives.