HERO MOM: Edwina Nefdt, 33, sacrificed her life to save her daughter from a speeding 4x4

A Mitchells Plain mother pushing her toddler in a pram was killed when a “speeding” 4x4 bakkie hit her and allegedly drove off.
Witnesses say the 33-year-old woman died saving her two-year old daughter, whom she managed to push out of harm’s way.

The incident happened on Friday just before 2pm, on the corner of Eisleben and Morgenster roads.

It is believed Edwina Nefdt, 33, was walking with her daughter to a shop nearby and was crossing the road when the driver of a gold- coloured 4x4 made a quick turn and allegedly came speeding towards them from Eisleben Road.

Witnesses say the mother saw what was going to happen and shoved the pram out of the way and she was hit by the large vehicle.

The pram was untouched, and her daughter rolled to safety.

Edwina died at the scene.

Olivia Carolus, 48, from New Woodlands, says she watched the incident from the side of the road.

“That gold bakkie was speeding. He just kept on coming and she was already in the road. She had no time to do anything, but as a mother, she instinctively saved her daughter’s life, not thinking of her own,” says Olivia.

“It was not a nice thing to watch her die there. She died almost immediately and seemed to have almost no outside injuries.”

Community Policing Forum chairperson in Lentegeur, Mark Brooks, claims the male driver of the bakkie drove off but returned to the scene a few minutes later.

“The mother was killed in a hit-and-run accident. The driver then returned to the scene afterwards,” Brooks tells the Daily Voice.

Edwina’s aunt, Mary Gordon from Grassy Park, posted a message on Facebook for her brother and his wife who lost their daughter.

“My condolences to my brother Edward Warley and sister-in-law Carol on the passing of their daughter, Edwina Nefdt. May God strengthen you in this time of bereavement,” she said.

She also confirmed that the child was unharmed in the incident.

Mitchells Plain SAPS station commander Brigadier Cass Goolam confirms the incident, but says there have been no arrests.

“We can confirm the incident in which a woman died, but no arrests have been made as witness statements are still outstanding,” says Brigadier Goolam.

“The investigation continues.”