CRINKLE WHAT? Samsia Petersen's hubby found a lappie inside a packet of Willards chips. CREDIT: Jack Lestrade
This woman says she got a “groot skrik” when she opened up a packet of her favourite chips and nearly munched on a lappie.

Samsia Petersen, 55, from Mitchells Plain contacted the Daily Voice to complain about the bizarre find in her 125g Willards Crinkle Cut cheese chips.

Samsia and her husband got the sealed packet of chips on 23 April after attending a family wedding.

“After the wedding, there were leftovers that were shared among relatives,” she explains.

“I got the packet of chips and took it home.

“Two days later, me and my husband were about to eat the chips when he opened it and found this lappie in the packet.

“He immediately threw the packet down because he got such a groot skrik.

“He said ‘sies kyk hee wat is in die pakkie’.

“At first it looked like a bandage because of the colour.

“When we looked closer, we saw it was a lappie stained in the oil and spices of the chips.

“The lappie and the chips look the same so it wasn’t easy to notice it at first glance.”

SERIOUS: Willards vows to investigate the lappie discovery. CREDIT: Jack Lestrade

Samsia says her family bought the chips at a wholesaler in Epping.

“Because we had a wedding they also bought a few boxes of chips for the wedding.”

Samsia demanded Willards send out representative to inspect and collect the product.

“But now they keep sending a courier company to take the packet away. Do they think I’m dumb?” she says.

“If I give the packet, I’ll have no evidence of my claims so I kept it until the Daily Voice came so you can see it yourself.

“I will give it back now for them to investigate, but I want an apology and they must admit this was their mistake.”

Vivien Crystal from Willards says they can only explain the occurrence once they’ve inspected the chips.

“Unfortunately we have not had sight of the pack or the ‘foreign matter’ and are therefore unable to identify the object or investigate the matter,” she says.

“When we receive the pack and the object we will launch a full investigation.

“We take quality control and all consumer complaints very seriously and would like to have the opportunity of examining the object apparently found in our product so that we are able to give a meaningful response to the affected consumer.”