SCENE: Leewyn Heyns was killed near his home in Asmara Street, Charlesville. CREDIT: Jack Lestrade
Gang violence in Kreefgat has claimed the lives of two people.

Just hours before the murders, another three people were shot and injured in nearby Valhalla Park.

The trio was attacked in Edward Street around 6.20pm on Wednesday night in a drive-by shooting.

They were gambling outside a house when the suspects, from a rival gang opened fire on them from a car.

Police sources say the incident is linked to a feud between the Outlaws and Rude Boys gang.

Hours later, the two people were shot dead in Kreefgat in what’s believed to be a retaliation attack.

However Kreefgat residents say only one of the victims, Ghuduifah Titus, was linked to a gang.

Titus was shot inside his car in Almond Street, Netreg.

He crashed his car into a wall after he was hit in the neck and face.

His family did not want to speak to the media ahead of his janaazah yesterday.

Meanwhile, Leewyn Heyns’ mother believes her son, 26, was killed in a case of mistaken identity.

Cheryl Malan, 49, says Leewyn was on his way from the shop when he was shot in Asmara Street, Charlesville.

“He was not a gangster,” she insists.

“My child was very quiet. I can only think that they thought he was someone else.

“Someone sent him to buy electricity and he was on his way back with it when he was shot.

“The only reason he was on that side is because he went to the shop.

“We know it wasn’t a robbery because he still had the money on him.”

The mom had been called home from work.

“The paramedics allowed me into the ambulance but another one said there is nothing more they can do for him, he’s already dead,” she says.

“But as they were trying to [resuscitate] him, his heart started beating again, then we rushed him to Tygerberg hospital.”

However, he was declared dead on arrival.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says two cases of murder and three cases of attempted murder are being investigated.

“The motive is still unknown and no arrests have been made,” he adds.