ON TRIAL: Abigail Ruiters, 30, pleaded her innocence in a letter to her parents

A woman who was arrested for the murder of her one-year-old toddler, has pleaded her innocence in a letter to her parents.
Abigail Ruiters, 30, the mom of slain Kensington toddler Jeremiah Ruiters, says all she wants to do is come home and work for her remaining two children.

She is also six months pregnant.

Ruiters and her 26-year-old boyfriend Ameerudien Peters appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where they tried to apply for bail.

Ruiters is charged with murder and child neglect, while Peters allegedly raped, beat and stabbed the child to death at their home in Salmander Street on 12 June.

He then took the child to the local clinic where he was declared dead on arrival.

The State asked for a postponement in the matter as defence lawyers brought forth a formal bail application.

Standing in the dock, Abigail’s eyes were bloodshot, and she could not stop wiping the tears falling from her eyes.

State Prosecutor Steyn said they were unprepared for a bail application.

“The State has been ambushed with the bail application. This was an appointment for judicare as previous defence Mrs Abrahams has recused herself from the matter. The State therefore asks for a postponement,” Steyn said.

Steyn also stated he knew about the medical condition of Ruiters.

“The J7 may be endorsed as the medical condition (the high-risk pregnancy) of one of the accused and for her to remain in the hospital section,” Steyn added.

The matter was postponed to 16 August for bail application.

Both accused will remain in custody.

In the letter addressed to her mom and dad, Abigail writes: “Thanks for being there for me in this difficult time. I’m trying to be strong and never lose hope, all that I wish is to be home with [her daughters], I miss them dearly and I know they need me.

PENNED: Abigail's letter in which she says that "life is so unfair"

“I’m innocent, I didn’t do anything to hurt my son. I loved that child before he was born”

She added: “Why must I be in prison, I’m innocent. I went to go work for my kids, life is so unfair.”

Speaking to the Daily Voice outside court, Ruiters’ mother, Gail Ruiters, 51, says life is empty without Jeremiah, her youngest grandchild.

She also felt sad that Abigail would not be coming home to her daughters, aged five and eight, who were missing their mother, and have to deal with the loss of their little brother.

“I feel so bad. I mean, she worked for those children. I thought she would come out today but unfortunately [it is] another postponement,” says the ouma.

“I feel so bad; she could have gone to work. She looks heartbroken, she was crying.

“We trusted him [Peters]; he loved that child so much. I don’t know how he could kill that child.

“Without Jeremiah it’s empty. Before I left for work I always used to go kiss him but now it’s empty.

“When they told us about the rape, I was shocked. That was an 18-month-old baby, what does that child know? That child got hurt,” Gail says ,fighting back tears.