Faiza van Rooyen's 16-year-old son, Yazeed, was gunned down outside a local tuck shop.

Instead of celebrating Eid yesterday, Faiza van Rooyen was planning her son’s janaazah.

Her eldest son Yazeed Jantjies, 16, was gunned down outside a Bonteheuwel tuck shop on Tuesday night.

While the incident is believed to be gang-related, police sources tell the Daily Voice they do not believe the teen was a gangster.

Yazeed was among a group of friends standing outside the shop on the corner of Keur and Kersboom Street.

A gunman opened fire on the group, hitting Yazeed and a friend.

His friend was wounded and taken to hospital but Yazeed, who was struck in the chest, was not as lucky.

Eyewitnesses say he ran into the corner shop where he collapsed and died.

Yesterday Faiza said the reality of her son’s death had not sunk in yet.

The grieving mom said the family had to cancel their Labarang plans and were preparing for the funeral at 3pm.

Instead of saying slamat, visitors came to offer their condolences.

“It feels like he just went somewhere and he’s coming back,” she tells the Daily Voice.

“It doesn’t feel real, I can’t believe it yet.

“He looked forward to today because he loves eating,” says the grieving mom.

Faiza says she was home when one of Yazeed’s friends came to the house with the news that he was shot.

“I didn’t even hear any gunshots,” she says.

“So when the friend came I was shocked. We went to the scene and he was already dead,” she adds

Faiza says her son left the house at around 8pm after he went to the shop for her.

“We used to live on that side [of Bonteheuwel] and all his friends are there so he went there every day. I know he wasn’t a gangster, I don’t know about his friends,” she says.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut confirmed the incident is being investigated and the motive is yet to be determined,” he says.

Meanwhile in Elsies River a 60-year-old is fighting for her life after she was hit in the chest during a crossfire yesterday.

A relative says Elizabeth Marcus was having a cup of tea outside when shots were fired in Borne Road.

She was rushed to hospital.

“At 9.20am a 60-year-old female was shot and wounded by an unknown suspect.

“The case is under investigation,” Traut says.