The King's School in Johannesburg caused public outrage by comparing two religions.

A Joburg Christian school has been accused of religious hatred and Islamophobia.

Last week, The King’s School in Linbro Park sent a newsletter to parents in which it compared Christianity to Islam, much of which has been regarded as “hateful and incorrect”.

Bob Fuller, head of student affairs at the larney private school, wrote the article while listening to the Muslim call to prayer, saying: “Muslims pray in the hope that it might earn them salvation, while Christians pray because we already have assurance of salvation.”

He adds: “Muslims pray at prescribed times according to a set ritual in the hope that they will be heard, while Christians can pray anywhere at any time in any words we may choose, with the assurance that every word is heard because of our personal relationship with God.”

The letter caught the attention of the Crime Line head Yusuf Abramjee who posted it on Twitter.

He demanded “the immediate withdrawal of the letter and an unreserved apology to the Muslim community and others who have been offended”.

He says the newsletter is Islamophobic, promoting racial hatred and intolerance.

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi tweeted: “I am still shaking in disbelief!”