CUT: Preacher Angus Buchan

There's no love for local Pastor Angus Buchan in Scotland.

Buchan, known for his Faith like Potatoes men-only revivals in South Africa, was supposed to preach in Scotland yesterday.

But after gay rights activists called him homophobic, the evangelical Hope Church in Tweedbank cancelled the appearance at a church gathering.

In 2008, the pastor reportedly said: “I cannot ever agree that homosexuality is right, I cannot bless it. I love them though, but they need help. We have prayed for them and God has changed their hearts.”

Buchan is currently on a tour of the UK but is facing fierce resistance from UK Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) activists who said he’s not welcome with his hate speech.

Buchan is originally from Zimbabwe but now farms in SA.

So far only the Scottish event has been cancelled but activists hope more churches will follow suit.

Calls for a boycott are only growing louder and the Mayor of Kilkenny in Ireland, Patrick O’Neill, has also announced that he will sign a petition objecting to Buchan’s planned talk in his town on Wednesday.