Lance barely survived a blaze that killed eight people in Mitchells Plain on June 12.

The 16-year-old Mitchells Plain boy who survived a devastating fire which killed eight people has received another blow.

Lance Minnies, who received 99 percent burns over his body, last week lost two toes and four toe tips.

Doctors were forced to amputate the rotting digits after the fire damaged the nerves and blood vessels in his hands and feet.

Lance has been recovering in Tygerberg hospital for the past six weeks.

The Grade 11 pupil at AZ Berman High School was visiting his friend in Macbeth Street, Eastridge, when the fatal fire broke out on June 12, taking the lives of two adults and six children.

Four other people - homeowner Patrick Abrahams, 54, who lost three children and three grandchildren, his ex-wife Verona Abrahams, 52, their daughters Gloria Abrahams, 31, and Shanice Abrahams, 22, and a friend Nawaal Erasmus, 23, also survived.

Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday, Lance said he was coping despite the trauma of losing his toes and fingertips.

The small toes on both of his feet were removed while the tips of four toes on his left foot were cut off.

The brave teen says: “I am fine and [the amputation operation] was fine. I miss school very much and I know I must be strong.”

It’s still a daily battle for his mom Rita, dad Henry and his six siblings to visit Lance in hospital due to lack of funds.

The mom says: “But I made sure I was there when he came out of his two-hour surgery last week.”

If you can assist the family in any way, please contact them on 063 560 8272.