WEIRD: Dress of pubic hairs made by Sarah Louise Bryan, 28.

You might want to think twice before putting on this dress, unless you have a taste for the weird and wacky.

A British designer has made an entire dress out of pubic hair, that strangers sent to her in the post.

Now the dress, made by Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, from Wakefield in England, is up for sale with a price-tag of nearly R200 000.

Her first wacky design was a dress made entirely out of Skittles.

But it’s her skaamhaar dress that grabbed the world’s attention, and yesterday Good Hope FM’s Nigel Pierce called Sarah to find out how and why she made such a hair-raising outfit.

“I make wearable art anyway and I like to be the first person in the world that’s made that piece. I was just thinking, what is the most gross thing I can use to make an outfit from, and that’s when I came up with the hair dress,” she explains.

Sarah posted on Twitter that she was looking for hair from down there and mense wragtig responded.

The designer says: “Surprisingly I got no donations of gingers (red-haired mense), I don’t know why.”

She sterilised the bossies hare, threaded it together and made the unique dress.

The rok is black and brown in colour, with patches of blonde. It’s divided into a bikini top and a full-length skirt.

It took her more than six months to complete.

Asked where the dress was now, the mom told Nigel: “Upstairs in my son’s bedroom. It’s all wrapped up.”

And she’s already on to her next project, tweeting last week: “I need sperm donations to use as the glue for my new design.”