DAMAGED: Shopkeeper's bakkie

The R43 between Worcester and Villiersdorp has been re-opened after cops clashed with angry protesters fighting over access to the local dumpsite on Wednesday.

Mense went bos when authorities wouldn’t allow them access to the tip where they skarrel for scrap metal and ou kos.

The mense then streamed into Avian Park and started looting several shops in the area.

One shopkeeper’s bakkie was also damaged by looters who ripped off one of the bakkie’s doors.

A journalist was reportedly robbed of a camera while taking photos.

Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that the journalist was robbed but says no injuries were reported.

“There were several shops which were reported to be looted but police intervened by dispersing the community.

“Some private property including a vehicle was damaged.

“Worcester Crime Prevention Unit, K9 Unit and members from POPS were called to the scene and are restoring order in the area,” he adds.

By late yesterday, SAPS were still monitoring the situation.