MORE EYES: A CCTV camera project in Elsies River aims to prevent crimes

Violence-torn Elsies River is getting extra eyes to monitor crime, after yet another gang-related shooting yesterday.
A move to improve safety in Elsies is underway as the planning for CCTV camera project has commenced.

Speaking to the Daily Voice, Elsies River Community Police Forum (CPF) spokesperson Imraahn Mukaddam says the community is growing increasingly worried about robberies, gang fights and taxi attacks.

    LONG OVERDUE: Imraahn Mukaddam

Earlier this week, two alleged gangsters were gunned down in Beret Road as part of an ongoing turf war.

And yesterday morning, a man was shot and killed in Bourne Street, Leonsdale and a bystander injured.

According to a source, two gunmen approached Dwayne Arries, 25, an alleged member of the Terribles gang, and opened fire on him shooting him five times, twice in the head.

A 31-year-old man was caught in the crossfire and was shot in the leg.

Police spokesperson Sinathi Joni confirms the incident and says cases of murder and attempted murder have been opened.

No arrests have been made.

Mukaddam says talks around having cameras in hotspots were first discussed several years ago but there had been no progress.

“The problem is we are having so many robberies, gang shootings and robberies of taxis. [On Tuesday night] a woman was seriously injured when the taxi she was in was robbed,” he says.

Joni says the robbery took place at 7pm on the corners of Halt Road and 25th Avenue.

“According to information, a taxi driver along with his passengers were robbed of their money by an unknown man. Circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated with no arrests made at this stage,” she says.

Mukkadam says cameras are an effective deterrent for criminals and has appealed for the Elsies River precinct to be prioritised.

However, Ward Councillor Franchesca Walker, says planning meetings have been scheduled.

She says the need for cameras in Elsies was identified a year ago and R200 000 from the ward allocation funds has already been set aside.

“I set this aside for two cameras in Francie van Zyl Drive and Norwood Road which is known as a hotspot for gang shootings. The cameras will be linked to the City’s control room in Goodwood where activities will be monitored.

“The aim is to help deter criminals but also gather evidence like what vehicles are being used in the shootings and other crimes,” she says.

Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith, says in response to the spate of gang shootings, the City of Cape Town’s Gang and Drugs Task Team (GDTT) spends a considerable amount of time in Leonsdale.

“If you look at the amount of hours, you will see it is 10 to 15 times more than it should be. This is in addition to all the other areas we have to service.”