Ebrahim Ely was stabbed to death in his District Six home by s suspected burglar.

A club rugby player has been stabbed to death in his house in what’s believed to be a robbery.

Ebrahim Ely’s neighbours called police after they discovered his body on the floor of his bedroom in District Six yesterday.

Relatives say Ebrahim, 35, was sleeping after his night shift when a man broke into his home and stabbed him at about noon. A scuffle then ensued.

Neighbour Goosain Dramat, 64, says he heard a scuffle coming from Ebrahim’s house in Pontac Street.

“These walls are very thin so when I heard a commotion coming from his room I told my wife,” Goosain says.

“I told my wife that it can’t be him shouting at the children because they were all still at school.”

The couple went next door and saw “little specks of blood” on the floor leading to the kitchen.

They went into the house and found the young dad lying on his stomach on the floor in his bedroom.

“We called him again but there was no response,” he says.

The couple informed a community leader who called the police.

The 35-year old has four young kids, aged 13, 9, 7 and 5, with his wife Yusrah, 33.

He was a popular club rugby player, and played flyhalf in the first team for Milnerton RFC. He previously played for SK Walmers.

His hearbroken mom Hajiera Ely says they are all traumatised at the brutality of Ebrahim’s death.

“It’s a sad way to lose my oldest son, we all have to go, but not in this state. I am fine with it, God gives and God takes. It was his time, but to go like that is a sad way to go,” she tells Daily Voice.

Hajiera described her son as a “quiet, and not very talkative guy”.

“But he always greeted the neighbours, so everybody knew who he was,” she adds.

Police sources say the suspect is a man in his twenties, slender, with a scar above his right eye.

The man has stab wounds to his left wrist and right forearm.

He has a shaved head and no front teeth, and was wearing a dark brown T-shirt and beige pants.

Western Cape police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana says a 35-year-old man was found with a stab wound, but no arrests have been made yet.