BUST-UP: Beaufort West mayor Truman Prince
 Beaufort West Mayor Truman Prince is in hot water again, this time for allegedly manhandling a Democratic Alliance ward councillor.

The incident happened at a community meeting in Nelspoort on Wednesday where Prince allegedly got into a shoving match with Councillor Magdalena “Dalene” Slabbert over a microphone.

In January, charges were laid against Prince for allegedly assaulting a traffic officer after he was stopped for speeding.

According to Kate Alexander, an aspirant ward councillor, the rol started when Prince insulted DA members.

“He kept saying we were being misled by the white people and couldn’t make our own decisions,” she says.

“We asked for the microphone to voice our views but he wouldn’t let us use it, so my daughter went forward and he said he would donner her and that’s when we all got involved, including Dalene.

“Then a shoving match began over the microphone between him and Dalene. At the end he threatened us, and said if we set foot in Beaufort West, he will show us what will happen.”

She says the DA was thrown out of the meeting.

Slabbert has refused to speak about the incident, saying she “fears for her life” after Prince’s threats.

A complaint has been laid with the council speaker and Local Government MEC Anton Bredell.

Attempts to reach Prince were unsuccessful but the outspoken mayor took to Facebook where he slammed Slabbert for trying to score “political points”.